Career After 10+2 (12th)

                   Be an Air Hostess/Flight Steward

Air hostess / Cabin Crew is one of the best career opportunity one can opt for after    10+2 / 12th, it is also one of the high profile professions in the world desired by many young under graduates and graduates. Air hostess profession is like a dream come true for young girls and boys.

This is the  profession in which you can  not only get good pay but also get a chance to travel around the world and to explore new places and culture, along with that  you meet different people across the world and  get a chance to meet celebrities.

Although, Cabin Crew job seems as an easy task but she/he has huge responsibilities to perform at the plane, which is not easy at all. Like greeting every passenger, coordinating with security, make air travel comfortable for every passenger, guiding every passenger to reach their respective seats and much more. Also Cabin Crew has to handle some difficult passenger during the flight and has to remain patient, calm and keep smiling.

Although with the passage of time Aviation industry has changes a lot. Now in Aviation Industry women and Men have equal opportunity as a career, which was not so in the previous days.

Career in Aviation has better growth as compared to other professions. Being a Cabin Crew one can be later promoted as a Senior Flight Attendant and then Head Attendant. Air Hostess / Flight Steward now have a full-fledged career and can work as a Cabin Crew from the age of 18 years to 55-60 Years.

Later she or he can move to the ground duties which include the job of a CCE, trainings of cabin crew and Ground staff - CSE or can work with the management level.